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Do you have student housing for large groups?

Yes, we have a range of student housing from two bedrooms to eight bedrooms. We also have student houses on the same street, and in some cases next door to one another.

Is there car parking with your student properties?

In most cases there is adequate free on street parking within a short walk of the property but in some parts of the city residents permits are required before you can park. If you have a requirement for parking we are happy to provide advice on locations where you can park or provide details as to how you can apply for a residents permit.

Can I smoke in the house?

No, under no circumstances do we allow tenants or their guests to smoke inside our student properties. All of our properties have adequate outside space that can be used if you wish to smoke, all we ask is that you discard used cigarettes ends in responsible manner.

What happens if there is a problem with our student house?

If a problem occurs you should contact us immediately and we will call round to assess the situation. Most of the time problems can be sorted out quickly and easily but sometimes it is necessary to order spare parts, etc. Either way we will always keep you informed as to how the issue is being dealt with and will look to resolve the problem is an efficient manner so to cause you minimum inconvenience.

Can friends and relatives stay with me?

Yes, we understand that as a student part of enjoying you time away at university is inviting friends and family to visit from time to time. All we ask is that you limit the number of visitors at any one time so you don’t disturb your fellow housemates.